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LYRICS: Olamide – Owo Shayo

Lyrics Of Owo Shayo By Olamide DOWNLOAD AUDIO HERE {Intro} Pheelz Mr Producer {Chorus} Owo Shayo (Shayo shayo) Na em we take dey buga (buga) When my guys dey para n’igboro, awa o ran anybody oh, a ran anybody oh Awa o ran anybody ohh {Post-Chorus} Omo men dey vex (them dey vex) Girls dey […]

LYRICS: Iyanya – Biko

Lyrics Of Biko By Iyanya DOWNLOAD AUDIO HERE INTRO Everything For My Baby Oh Ah Ye Ah Ye Ah Ye Mystro Sugar Oh temple (temple) It’s Iyanya Oh, Oh, Oh CHORUS Baby Biko, Biko Oh, Biko I Fit Be Your Jango, Jango Oh, Biko Baby No Do, No Do Oh, Biko Baby Biko, Biko Oh, […]

LYRICS: Tekno – Jogodo

Lyrics Of Joodo By Tekno DOWNLOAD AUDIO HERE [Intro] Oh my God o [Pre-Hook/Chorus] When she come for the area Na so all the man dem jowaju All the boys dem kpolongo Say let dem get dancing kpologo You feeling me baby walagolo Am the king of the conto And they loving the way I […]


Lyrics Of KOD By J. Cole [Intro] Go, go, go Go, go, go Go, go, go Go, go, go [Chorus] This here’s what you call a flip Ten keys from a quarter brick Bentley from his mama’s whip K.O.D., he hard as sh*t This here’s what you call a flip Ten keys from a quarter […]

LYRICS: J. Cole – Photograph

Lyrics Of Photograph By J. Cole [Chorus] Fell in love through a photograph I don’t even know your name Wonder if you’d follow back I hope to see you one day I won’t show my niggas now I’II keep this one for myself Love today’s gone digital And it’s messing with my health [Verse 1] […]

LYRICS: Olamide – C. Ronaldo

Olamide - C. Ronaldo

Lyrics Of  C Ronaldo By Olamide DOWNLOAD AUDIO HERE [Intro – Olamide] Ruurrr… Ojigbi jigbi jigbi jigbi jigbi opoju [Pre-Chorus – Olamide] Aunty Ruka eh Aunty Ruka eh Aunty Ruka Ki’lon shele gan gan Aunty Ruka Hey Batistuta eh Batistuta eh I want to shoot my shot like Batistuta eh [Chorus – Olamide] Ronaldo eh […]

LYRICS: Praiz – Save Us

Lyrics Of Save Us By Praiz DOWNLOAD AUDIO HERE [Verse 1] Save Us; only love can Save Us I’m so sad you’re far away Life is easy when away Distance; if I could bridge the distance Maybe you’ll be right here Cos I want you right here [Pre-Chorus] I’ll never find no girl like you […]

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